Audit Representation

If you received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), don’t panic. For most people, an IRS notice is among top nightmares. In a frenzy, the recipient of the notice begins panicking as they struggle to remember what they did with the previous years’ financial records and become overwhelmed by the amount of documents they need to provide. Taxpayers fear an assessment of more taxes and potential penalties for overlooking a mistake on their return. The IRS can be intimidating, and the stress caused by an audit is palpable. However, you can alleviate that pressure when you take advantage of your entitled audit representation. Having a tax or legal professional stand in on your behalf, during an IRS income tax audit, is known as, tax audit representation.

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What can an IRS tax representative do for me?

An audit representative can benefit taxpayers in many ways. An IRS tax representative with the Power of Attorney can advocate to the IRS on your behalf. If they investigate your case and determine you do in fact owe the IRS money, they can help settle tax disputes in the following ways:

  • Act as a direct line of communication
  • Identify which portion of your return is being audited
  • Gather necessary documents
  • Handle required paperwork
  • Defend and appeal audit, if applicable
  • Eliminate or negotiate the amount of proposed debt
  • Present an Offer in Compromise (OIC) or Installment Agreement
  • Protect your taxpayer rights
  • Save you money by ensuring you don’t pay more than you owe
  • Assist with Notice CP22E


At Wasvary Tax Services we have multiple years of experience with helping our clients with Audit representation. Our expertise can help guide you in what can often seem like a totally overwhelming, perhaps even impossible, process.

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