Unfiled Tax Returns

The professionals at Wasvary Tax can help you in correcting your unfiled tax returns. Negotiating with IRS agents can be confusing and intimidating, and leaving your tax debt unresolved might lead to wage garnishment and a bevy of other consequences. Rely on us for all of your tax related needs, we are here to help you and your family.

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Shortly after the New Year rolls around, taxpayers experience the dread of tax season. April may seem far away, but the tax return deadline comes in the blink of an eye for the majority of us who wait to gather and submit our critical documents to the IRS. Whether it’s due to procrastination or downright avoidance, every year hundreds unfiled tax returns go neglected—but not without notice. If you have unfiled taxes, whatever the case may be, the IRS knows and will sooner or later come after you to collect what they’re owed (if they haven’t already).

How Can I Resolve My Unfiled Taxes?

The good news is that IRS amnesty for unfiled returns is available to taxpayers to settle their account and clear their names. There are many IRS amnesty unfiled return programs, and your best bet is to find trusted unfiled tax return help, but the two most common options are:

  1. Installment Plan

    There are several different installment plans for which you may to eligible to qualify for, allowing you to repay the government in a scheduled period of time.

  2. Offer in Compromise

    Sometimes IRS officers will accept an offer in compromise, or a negotiated payment amount, to settle their outstanding debt from unfiled tax returns.

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